September, 2016 Capital Times newsletter

Here is the September, 2016 Capital Times newsletter!

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July, 2016 Capital Times newsletter

Here is the July, 2016 Capital Times newsletter!  (Sorry it’s a bit late!)

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2017 Dues Notification – Please Read


Bring your Kindness, Energy, & Gratitude down the Jersey shore

Friday, July 22 – Sunday, July 24

Jersey Shore Haven Airstream Campground in Dennisville, NJ –

just minutes from Sea Isle, Avalon, Stone Harbor!


Killian’s Pond Rally Update: The hosts for this rally will be Nick and Jill Iverson and they want to let everyone know they have reserved their site in the “C” Loop at the campground and would like everyone to book their sites in or near the “C” Loop.

Killians Pond Campgroundcampground copy



Sep 15-18–  Killens Pond State Park, Felton, DE

Contact:Nick Iverson and Linda Moore




Here are the latest updates to the 2016 Rally Schedule!

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The Capital Times- June 2016

New! –Finger Lakes Rally Info



Your WDCU officers for the upcoming year.

Linda Moore #15116
First Vice President
Mary-Lou Gatward #11443
Second Vice President Nick Iverson
Third Vice President Rob Sunde
Immediate Past President
Michael Vallen
Recording Secretary Becky Weimer #15767
Trustee Kim Alaniz (#2468)
 Trustee Nancy McDowell
 Trustee  Tom Waugh #2641
Treasurer & Membership John DiBella (#8425)
Newsletter Linda Moore
Webmaster RJ Marquette (#13270)
rjm1@yahoo.comTom Waugh (#2641)



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WDCU Website Administrators

WDCU Website administration contact

Should you want anything added to the website, please contact Tom Waugh –  or RJ Marquette –


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News and Views from WBCCI

The newest News and Views from WBCCI!

Latest Update November 2015

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Time to pay membership dues…

It’s time to renew your dues for the year. If you want to pay online, you can now pay via Paypal – just click on the Join Us/Renew link above! Note that Paypal charges fees, so we charge extra if you want to pay this way ($69 instead of $66).  Of course, you can still send John a check for $66 to renew.

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Membership Chairman & Treasurer

Our Membership Chairman is John DiBella.  John wears a few hats, he is also our Treasurer.

If you happen to meet up with John in your travels be sure to congratulate him on a job well done.

Anyone who wants to inquire about joining the WDCU or has questions about membership should now contact John DeBella at

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Membership Application & Renewal

The membership renewal form is available at this link:

WDCU Membership Form 

Our unit dues are still the same ($1), but you have to be a member of the main club to be a member of the unit. Our unit dues are much lower than you would pay if you were not a member of a unit ($20). If you are not a member of a unit, you are called a “member at large” and will pay an extra $19 for a priviledge!  Instructions for completing the form can be found here.

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WDCU Membership Brochure

We have updated our WDCU brochure. If you would like, you can print one or two up and distribute them to propective members. It’s a good idea to print up a few so you can have some with you when you are out traveling. On one side, is a brief discription of the unit, and on the other side there is a  membership application. After you open the following link, you can print the brochure on one sheet of paper. This is a two-sided document. First print page 1 on one side of the sheet, and then print page 2 on the other side.


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Photo Links

Don’t miss the Photos.  You can find this page by looking on the menu list on the right side of your screen.  We are always looking for links to photos and video of WDCU events past and present.  Check our new photo archive site.  You can find a number of old photos and some videos.  Click on the tabs for photo and video.
Several of our members have their own photo websites or blogs that have great pictures.  We would like to add those links to our website so that we all may enjoy them.  So if you have pictures on the web, or you simply have pictures you would like to offer for upload on our site please contact the webmaster.

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